Ltd. "U2D" Aluminum construction manufacturing.

About Company

Ltd. „U2D” is an ALU construction manufacturing company, which was founded in 2008. The company currently employs staff members with more than ten years of personal experience in production of the aluminum constructions.
Ltd. "U2D" is working with aluminum profiles and construction solutions developed and supplied by UAB „SAPA Building Systems” and Ltd. “Reynaers Aluminium”.
At the moment the company has a manufacturing capacity of 400 to 600 m2 per month. Mostly Ltd. "U2D" produces constructions for companies which carry out different projects.
All of the employees of the company are involved in the production and due to the smaller administrative costs company provides friendlier prices for its costumers.


Ltd. "U2D"Company’s Mission

•Production of aluminium building constructions (according to EN 13830 un EN 14351-1+A1 standards);
•Installation of aluminium building constructions ;
•Construction of glass terraces, winter gardens, rooftop windows and glass canopies;
•Customer consultations on the most rational solutions about profile systems, designs and installation (mounting);
•Measuring and inspection of all the necessary measurements, production of drawings.



Ltd. "U2D"Development of the company

•Initially, the company has been working on the construction of structures following orders of assembly companies, but in recent years has also carried out small projects on its own.
•The original small, combined production and warehouse space has been replaced by a separate larger production space and a separate storage space.
•The number of employees of the company has increased from 2 to 5, which has improved production capacity.
•As the production capacity has increased, the company's turnover has also increased.
•To ensure quality, the company's technical support has been improved.
•In recent years, several objects have been completed in European countries such as France, Germany and Sweden, and company has also manufactured for export by orders of assembly companies in Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Germany and France..



Ltd. "U2D"Partners

• Reynaers
• Inspecta
• ASSA Abloy
• SAPA Building Systems
• Bodesa
• Transparence



Services that Ltd „U2D” offer to our clients:

    Aluminum structure manufacturing and mounting
    Production of terraces, conservatories, rooflights and sun-lounges
    Customer consultation on the most rational solution
    All necessary measurements and verification


Quality Certificates:

Ltd. "U2D" construction product quality approves internationally recognized companies AS "Inspecta" issued certificate.
The products have CE marking, which ensures conformity of the product and the ability to distribute the product in the markets of the EU and the European Free Trade Association countries.
AS “Inspecta” issued certificate for windows, french windows and doors from AB “Sapa Building Systems”:

Inspecta Certificate REYNAERS Certificate REYNAERS Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate
Inspecta Certificate REYNAERS Certificate REYNAERS Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate Inspecta Certificate

Contact us!

Silikātu street 7,Riga, Latvia, LV-1016 (Production office)
Lemešu street 7-6, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1016 (Legal address)
(+371) 29218583
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